Bread flour mill

The capacity of the bread flour mill is 500 tons of grain per day. The mill consists of the grain cleaning room fitted with equipment manufactured by the Italian firm “Mill Service srl”, and milling section fitted with equipment manufactured by the Italian firm “Golfetto”.
The mill is a highly automated enterprise with a large scope of control, administration and data collection facilities.
The reconstruction of the macaroni mill performed in 2012 made it possible to convert the mill into the alternative milling of soft wheat, whenever necessary. Such unique solution allows maximum usage of production facilities and achieve the daily processing of soft wheat up to 900 tons without reducing the output and quality of the finished products.

The flow chart of the milling section provides for the output of the following types of finished products:
• premium quality bread wheat flour;
• first-grade bread wheat flour;
• brans;
• wheat embryo cereals «Golden».

In the bagging section of the mill, flour is packed into bags 5 – 50 kg, depending on consumer needs. The delivery in 1-ton big-bags is possible.

For the recent years, four automated packing lines have been launched enabling packing of products into paper bags 0.5 kg, 1 kg & 2 kg, 4 & 5 kg, 10 & 11,34 kg, 12,5 kg forming group packing of bags, stacking of bags, or single bags on pallets, form pallets, thus eliminating manual labor during these operations completely. In addition, an automatic line was put into operation equipped with a metal detector for stacking 50 kg bags onto pallets.

Packing of finished products is possible into composite cans 0.5 kg and 1 kg.

Formation of bake mixes is performed at automatic weight dosage and mixing unit. Ready mix can contain up to eight components, depending on approved recipe. Bake mixes are packed into paper bags 1kg.

Storage and delivery of flour is performed in packages in a finished products section, in bulk – at the bulk storage and delivery of flour. Section capacity allows working with every individual consumer individually, taking into consideration the time of flour aging and products range.


Мельница макаронного помола     Мельница макаронного помола     Мельница макаронного помола





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